BazHum is an online database created by the Polish History Museum that provides access to bibliographic information for articles from over 240 scientific journals of the humanities and social sciences. Presently, the BazHum database contains data on nearly 290,000 publications. By mid-2014, we plan to provide full-text articles from more than 60 Polish periodicals on humanities and social sciences.

BazHum is a tool supporting scientific research and education. Putting a full bibliography of journals in the database results in much easier acquisition, ordering, aggregation and transfer of valuable information. All those activities demand less time and provide more precise results.

Bibliographic descriptions of each article are created in MARC 21 format. Each description is created from personal observation, in two stages – copied from the journal's contents by cataloguers in accordance with an established standard, and then checked by librarians. All descriptions can be exported in various formats.

Digital versions of the articles in some magazines described in BazHum have already been published on Mazovia Humanities Journals. The full list of journals available on the site for English navigation is presented below and on the BazHum website.

New publications

Jewish Families in Europe, 1939-Present: History, Representation, and Memory

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